Sigma Squared Summit​

Get a glimpse into the future by meeting those who are building it

What You Need To Know​

The Sigma Squared summit is a global invite-only event where we bring together 300+ of the brightest founders, industry leaders, and investors who are on a mission to create a positive impact. This year, we will all unite at the iconic Nova School of Business and Economics in Cascais, Portugal.

At our summits, you will get a glimpse into the future by meeting those who are building it while forming long-lasting partnerships and friendships.

Oct. 29-30​





Industry Leaders & Investors


Sigma Squared Entrepreneurs

This Year’s Participants & Speakers

Christian Kern

Fmr. Chancellor of Austria

George Robson

Partner, Sequoia Capital​

Sian Sutherland

Co-founder, A Plastic Planet

Christian Kroll

Founder & CEO, Ecosia

Leon Ford

Human Rights Activist

Ricardo Pires

CEO, Semapa

Max von Bismarck

CBO, Raisin DS

Dejan Jovicevic

Co-founder & CEO, Brutkasten

Marco Espinheira

Head of Future, Cascais

Want to be part of it?

Founder / Upster

If you are a founder under 35, you have the chance to win a free ticket to participate in our summit. Please apply by clicking the button on the right.


If you are interested in volunteering at this year’s summit, please fill out the form on the right.


Early exposure to the companies and technologies that will shape the future in a fundamental way. Meet those who disrupt your businesses.

The variety of participants creates an open book of knowledge for fruitful conversations. It is a unique occasion to challenge our beliefs and co-create the roadmap for our better future.

Vaitea Cowan

Co-Founder of Enapter

The Sigma Squared Summit is about action, it’s not about words.

Sian Sutherland

Co-Founder of Plastic Planet

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